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Electronic submission

Exercises should be submitted electronically, in a single pdf file only, through the Moodle site:

Most important: No personal extensions. MILUIIM will grant an exemption (PTOR).
If you are not yet registered to the course and need an access to Moodle, just e-mail your TA.

Exercises, solutions and grades


Will be available within two weeks in Moodle. Solutions will be available shortly after the deadline.
You can appeal your grade within a week from the grades publication date.

Exercises and solutions

Number Due Published Exercise Solution
1 April 7 (at 14:00) March 23 PDF PDF
2 May 5 (at 14:00) April 20 PDF PDF
3 May 22 (at 23:00) May 8 PDF PDF
4 June 9 (at 14:00) May 25 PDF PDF
5 June 23 (at 14:00) June 8 PDF PDF
6 July 2 (at 11:00) June 22 PDF PDF
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